Social responsibility

        In the process of corporate development, D&Y Group always adheres to the principle of "sincerity, diligence, and dedication to society", and strives to do its duty to the country, the community and the employees. D&Y actively sponsors a variety of social welfare activities, has contributed 5 million yuan and 10 million yuan and respectively established "D&Y Group Charity Fund" and "Renault Apparel Charity Fund" in cooperation with Taishan District Charity Federation to help those in distress and aid those in peril, care for the elderly and assist students in need. D&Y actively supports the development of education and donated 2 million yuan to Kangle County, Gansu to establish Yaojiawan D&Y Hope Primary School. The Group also actively supports the construction of minority villages and has donated more than 2 million yuan in total for construction and transformation of rural power grids, roads and other infrastructures. Over the years, D&Y has donated more than 30 million yuan to earthquake relief and social welfare undertakings and has been awarded honorary titles such as "Model Enterprise in Implementation of Social Responsibility in Shandong Province", "Exemplary Private Enterprise for Public Welfare in Shandong Province".

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