SINCE 1987.     

       Locatedat the foot of the world-renowned Mountain Tai, Shandong Daiyin Textile and Garment Group is a large comprehensive enterprise integrating textile, garment,import&export trade, transnational production and operation. It has morethan 10 branches in China like Daiyin Textile Company, Daiyin Woolen Textile Company,Renoir Apparel Company, Daiyin Import & Export Company and Jinhui Clothing Company, as well as several other branches invested and constructed internationally like Daiyin Sri Lanka Garment Company, Daiyin America Trade Company,Daiyin Textile Malaysia Company etc.

       With a production scale of 500,000 spindles,1000 looms and 3500 sets of sewing equipment, the group outputs 200,000 tons of cotton yarns, 500 meters of woolen fabric, 30,000,000 meters of denim fabricand 10,000,000 pcs of garments annually. Various series of yarns, cloth,woolens and apparels are sold to more than 80 countries globally. Daiyin is among the top 20 competitive enterprises in cotton textile industry, double top100 garment enterprise nationwide, excellent private enterprise in China,Fabrics China Pioneer Plant and key industrial enterprise of Shandong. The aboratively cultivated brand Renoir has won the honors of the National Most Influential Business-Casual Wear Brand, High-end MTM Brand of Chinese Apparel Bidding&Purchasing and so on. Meanwhile Renoir has also realized the sale of self-owned brand in American and Canadian marketplace.

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